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February 25th, 2017

Kinky Sarah Hills gets more than she bargained for when she gets a good fuck off this horny stud.  He spanks her arse hard leaving it all red and flustered with pain, before sucking on her perky tits getting Viviane gagging for more. She then gets down on her knees and puts his cock deep into her throat, sliding her tongue around it like a lolly causing him to moan with ecstasy. He then gives her the pleasure of a life time when he slides his meaty dick into her tight ass hole and begins banging her fat ass causing them both to moan loudly with pleasure. A few positions later they finish up as he racks his large cock and cums all over her tits.

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February 24th, 2017

This lovely shemale Libbyjust couldn’t wait to start the action and so they begin in the bathroom where the stud begins licking her ass, getting her all turned on. She then bends down to take his large member into her mouth and begins sucking on it wildly making him moan with relief. As things hotten up, he takes her from behind slipping his cock into her ass and begins banging joy hard making them both moan with ecstasy, before taking her from the front to continue her ass fucking. A few positions later they finish up as the stud shoots his load all over her stomach as she has a wank.

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February 23rd, 2017

Izzy gets busy when she gets hold of a hard cock to play with, meaning sticking it into her mouth deep throating the lot as he stiffens up for the ass pounding. Watch as she slips off his pants and begins turning him on, sucking and spitting on his juicy piece of meat. A little while after the tease, he slides his cock into her tight butt hole and begins pounding it hard making them both moan with excitement as his balls slap continuously off her arse.  After a few positions, they continue with the ass banging where they finish up with him cumming all over her perk titties.

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February 23rd, 2017

Mistress Sophie is one harsh mistress; she physically like to beat her slaves with a riding crop, making them all sore and her all turned on. When her victim arrives, she doesn’t waste any time in wrapping him up in plastic cling film leaving him completely helpless before whipping him repetitively with the stick making him all bruised and splotchy. She then unwraps him and continues to whip his ass making it all red before sitting on his face, fucking it until he is choking on her thick cock, which causes her to moan with ecstasy.  She then takes things on the sofa where she makes him continue to suck her large member whilst she spanks his ass with the stick.

Sarah Hills gets her ass destroyed

February 22nd, 2017

Sarah is lying on her back when the action begins as the gimp boy locks and loads the ass tooling machine. He then spits on her arse rubbing it around her tight ass hole before sliding his fingers in. making it all loose for the dildo. A little while later he turns on the machine as he inserts it into her wet arse making her moan with delight. As she continues getting arse fucked they finish up as Sarah racks herself off and cums all over the place.

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February 21st, 2017

Libby gives this guy a fucking of a life time when she begins to suck on his meaty cock, making him hard with excitement. He then fingers her tight ass making it all loose and ready for his throbbing dick. They then get the fun started as she bends over on her knees allowing him to shove his hard cock into her wet ass, thrusting hard causing them both to moan with delight.  A few positions later, the ass fucking continues as he holds her legs in the air slipping his member into her horny arse making them both moan and groan with pleasure. He then continues to fuck her arse every which way possible until he shoots his load all over her face.

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February 21st, 2017

Mistress Zoe prepares for a nice day outside by the lake for herself and her puny slave boy. She makes him worship her aching feet and whips his ass till it’s all sore. Keeping it simple, She then pulls out her cock to make him wrap his mouth around it, caressing the end with his tongue making her moan with excitement. A little while later, she has him bent over allowing her cock to slip into that gaping butt hole off his, thrusting it in hard making her balls slap repetitively off his ass cheeks and them both to moan with excitement. A few positions later she continues to pound his arse before giving him a reward of her cum dripping down his face.

Mistress hardcore slave training lessons

February 20th, 2017

It’s out in the jungle today as they are an excellent place to have a humiliation lesson. This mistress enjoys her lessons and so she has bought along her latest sissy slave to be punished as no one can hear him scream when being beaten and abused.  She gives him a unique experience when she begins using knives, clothes pegs and makes him lick her boots clean before making him suck on that meaty cock of hers.  He has a lot on his hands when she begins tooling his arse and sucking his ball bag, making him really want to shoot his cum, but Thay wasn’t done yet, she then slid her cock into his arse and began thrusting it in hard making them both get 6the pleasure they needed to shoot their loads.

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February 19th, 2017

This bitch is one of our cruellest shemale bitches and today she was in a foul mood and decided to drag one of her slave sluts to the woods for his beating as he hasn’t been giving her enough attention. When she got him in out into seclusion, she began whipping his ass before making him suck on her erect cock, causing her to moan loudly. She then tied him to a tree and began whipping him more making him gag for his arse to be fucked. So a little while later, she gives him his wish when he’s crying with pain and begins fucking his arse so bad they both moan loudly with delight. After a few positions, they finish up as he continues sucking her cock; she shoots her load in his mouth.

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February 19th, 2017

Vanessa gets her hands on one of the warehouse workers today when he wanted to get in some extra hours by working overtime. What he didn’t know was his boss Vanessa has some extra work for him in which his arse was to be pounded by her fat cock. Things then kick off as she walks out in her sexy outfit and instantly grabs him and forces him to worship her heels. She then spanks his ass hard making him all red and sore before telling him to get down and suck on her big throbbing dick. A little while later and she has her way when she inserts her dick into his wet arse, thrusting hard making them both to moan with excitement before shooting her load all up his face.