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Sadistic domme whips and fucks her stupid slave

October 21st, 2017

This horny shemale mitsres gives her slaves arse an awakening when she lets him outs his cage to have his daily beating. At first she makes him lick her boots clean whilst whipping him continuously across his back. She then treads all over his body, digging in her heels making him all sore and splotchy before opening his arse cheeks wide to whip him like some sort of animal. As things push on, she soon has his lips wrapped around that thick cock of hers causing her to moan loudly with delight before plunging it into his gaping arse, thrusting hard giving them pleasure and leaving them to moan with ecstasy. A few positions later, they finish up as he continues to suck on her thick meaty dick, leaving her no choice to shoot her load in his mouth.

Extreme shemale fucking with Fernanda, aka nurse pain

October 20th, 2017

Libby goes round to a guys house to help him get well as he is ill. When she arrives she starts the treatment by slapping him around, checking his reflexes before shoving her hard throbbing thermometer in his mouth to check his temperature.  After a bit of but checking and tongue tasting she comes to the conclusion that he is faking it and so the only punishment is to fuck his tight arse.  She slides her cock into his wet ass and begins thrusting in her cock making them both groan with delight, before making him swallow the load she shoots in his mouth.

Mistress Fabia humiliates her slave then fucks his ass

October 19th, 2017

Tough shemale domes have to relax from time to time and so today mistress Fabia takes her slave slut to the bar. He loves to drop at her precious feet, especially when she has her high heels on.  Watch as Fabia enjoys getting her feet licked and sucked before boning the hell out of this slaves butt hole. As the action starts, Fabia presses her heels into his face as he licks her boots clean before pulling out her throbbing cock making him suck on every inch. A little while later, she has him bent over and her cock in his tight arse, banging the life out of him whilst they scream with ecstasy.  This really is a show!  He was very obedient and got his reward at the end, a big shemale cock!

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Nicole dominates Larisa with her shemale dick

October 19th, 2017

Laisa gets all tied up by Nicole when she arrives. At first Laisa thinks it’s a joke, but when Nicole starts whipping her and pushing her about, calling her a dirty little slut, she realises it’s pretty serious stuff.  So keeping her mouth closed she begins to take the punishment as she’s to scared to open her mouth. Nicole begins the action as she pulls out her cock and begins slapping round Laisas face, force feeding her to suck and lick on every inch she’s given. She then bends her over and begins fucking her tight arse making them both moan with excitement as Nicoles ball bag slaps hard of Laisas cheeks. A few positions later, she continues to arse fuck this frightened shemale, completely dominating her arse leaving it one gaping mess before shooting her cum on Laisas tits!

Spanking, smothering and abusing her slut slave!

October 18th, 2017

Zoe fuck puppet is back with a new puny slave man to beat and punish. She starts by pushing him around; digging her heals into his back causing him a great deal of pain before pulling out the crop and whipping him excessively.  A little while later, she begins to face fuck the slave making him bite and kiss her firm ass before pulling out her large cock and sliding it into his mouth, him taking every inch she hands him. After a bit of cock sucking, she wets up his arse by spitting on his but ring then slides in her meaty dick making his arse loose and gagging for a fuck. As she starts banging the slaves arse, they both moan loudly with pleasure just before she shoots her load all over his face.

Slave gets treated real bad

October 17th, 2017

A mistress and her slave slut are in the public toilets. She plans on giving him the fuck off a lifetime in this grotty loo, whipping his ass and treating him like an animal. She really does give him a seeing too. She starts her torture by pushing her high heels into his body whilst she whips him hard causing his body to go red with soreness. She then sits on his face making him suck on that thick cock of hers before bending him over the sink where she slides her dick into his wet ass making them both to moan with ecstasy. As things push on and the positions change, her slave gets on his hands and knees and begins lapping up the water out of a bowl, whilst she continues fucking his red raw ass making their cocks throb with excitement before Renata shoots her cum all over his chest.

Bad ass mistress analy abuses her sex slave

October 17th, 2017

Now this bad ass mistress is no good girl. She knows exactly when to extract the right amount of pain when needed without the effort on her part. When this kinky mistress ties her slave to a bench, she begins by whipping his body before using clothes pegs on his nipples, cock and balls putting him through some agonising pain. She then sits on his face and begins whipping his lips with her fat throbbing cock, making him suck on every inch she gives him, making herself moan with pleasure. A little while later, the pain begins to set in on the slave causing him to cry out, so Marcia slides her thick dick into his tight arse and begins thrusting it in making them both moan with delight. A few positions later they finish up as Marcia shoots her load all over his arse.

slaves worshipping this shemale domme

October 15th, 2017

This hot busty blonde shemale is having a relaxing day at home as her two slave boys sit at her feet and worship the ground she walks on.  These boys are well trained by the mistress, so they know exactly what she wants at any given time. Watch as these two dirty slave boys fall at her feet as Penelope orders them around, from licking her boots to fanning her body these boys really do have their work cut out. All the fun starts when she continuously thrashes their arses with the crop making their asses red with soreness. A little while later she then pulls out her large cock and makes the slaves suck her off as she moans with pleasure.

Shemale dominatrix destroys her slaves ass

October 15th, 2017

This stupid slave boy gets the ride of his life, when his naughty domme rides on his back and begins whipping his arse as he moves round the floor. She then makes him lick her boots as she continues to whip his ass as he doesn’t do a very good job. A little while later, she pulls down his boxers and begins spitting on his tight arse hole as she inserts her two fingers making the slave scream with surprise. He then cries out for her to punish him more by thrashing his arse with her hard cock, making them both to moan with pleasure.

Vanessa bound gagged and ass fucked

October 14th, 2017

Vanessa had been out night clubbing and got flirting with a man who couldn’t take his eyes of her. When she left, this stranger followed her back to her home and made his way into her apartment. As she was about to get her nights kip, the stranger gave her a fright as he tied her up with rope and began to punish her beautiful big body. He then began sucking on her ripe  nipples, giving his cock a tug as he gets warmed up. A little while later he flips her over on her stomach and slides his cock deep into Vanessa’s tight butt hole making her moan with pleasure. A few positions later he makes Vanessa suck on his large cock making him moan with delight. He then rolls that fat ass around and continues to fuck her ass before shooting his cum on her legs